Smart Multi-Dwelling Units

Smart Multi Dwelling Units in oman

Urban Housing just got Smarter

Smart Multi Dwelling Units in oman

From the front gate to the lobby and into every residence on site Control4 MDU Solutions deliver security, convenience, and smart home automation to satisfy the needs of builders, developers, property managers, and homeowners around the world.

المنزل الذكي في العمان

From London to Dubai

The global growth and homeowner appeal of apartments, high-rise condos, and other multifamily residential projects is exploding. Control4 helps builders and property managers differentiate their developments by offering the convenience, security, and comfort of smart home technology to their prospective residents.

Control4 Offering

Control4 MDU Solutions support properties of any size—from just a few residences to hundreds of units linking individual residences to the exterior gate or door stations and to the lobby reception area. The line features property-wide video intercom communications, integration with lobby door stations, integration with SIP-based phones, concierge services integration, along with full home automation solutions for individual residences

Enhance Efficiency

Automate gates and garages, remotely monitor and manage cameras and security systems, and even receive service alerts when something requires immediate attention. Having a singular system to manage a number of units at once—as well as individual residences—is not only an additional selling feature, it also optimizes property efficiency.

Ordinary to Extraordinary

Homeowners enjoy convenient one-touch access to property amenities and concierge services, and can safely interact with guests and building personnel directly from their respective units. Individual residences can be automated and personalized just like any smart home, with intelligent lighting, climate control, smart locks, entertainment, and more, from one easy-to-operate system, managed by any interface of their choice—even by voice!



Our solutions maximize your comfort, convenience, entertainment, and peace of mind by offering interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easily enjoyed by the whole family.


Get started with the magic of smart lighting in just one room, or brighten up the entire house.
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Comfort & Convenience

Enjoy a comfortable and inviting home that delivers energy-efficient climate control, convenient management of your pool and spa, and enables easy communication for your family.
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Control4 brings the power, performance and reliability to deliver the best entertainment over one, robust platform.


Check in on things at home from wherever you are. Receive alerts when someone enters the house, the garage door is left open, or a leak is detected in the basement.

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